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Neighbourhood Development Orders

A Neighbourhood Development Order grants planning permission for a particular type of development in a particular area. This could be either a particular development site, or a particular type of development (for example retail or housing).

A Community Right to Build Order is a type of Neighbourhood Development Order, which can grant planning permission for small scale community-led developments. This could include things like housing, community centres, business/enterprise hubs or community energy schemes.

There is a set process to go through to prepare a Neighbourhood Development Order, much like the process for preparing a Neighbourhood Plan. A Neighbourhood Development Order must be subject to an independent examination, and then approved by the community in a referendum, before they can come into force.

Getting involved

Is a Neighbourhood Development Order right for you? This is one of the first questions you need to ask yourself before getting started. Whilst a Neighbourhood Development Order is a chance for a community to shape the development and growth of an area, Neighbourhood Development Orders involve quite complex processes, together with considerable work and commitment to make them a reality.

This can be prepared on its own, but there is great potential if a Neighbourhood Development Order is prepared parallel to a Neighbourhood Plan. A Neighbourhood Plan can included the policies and a Neighbourhood Development Order can allow the development to go ahead.

How to get started

If you or a local group wishes to engage with neighbourhood planning in Plymouth, we encourage them in the first instance to contact us at or by calling 01752 305477.