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New free parking terminals for district car parks

25 January 2023

New terminals are being installed in our district car parks to help ensure spaces are available for shoppers and support local businesses.

These car parks all offer a limited period of free parking but people frequently over-stay, sometimes by many hours, meaning others are unable to park.

To help prevent this and maintain a regular turnover of spaces, shoppers will be asked to key in their registration number at one of the terminals to register their free parking session. The terminals are conveniently located en-route to the shops and there is no paper ticket to display.

Similar arrangements have been in place in the shoppers’ car park in Crownhill for over a decade, as well as on-street bays along Embankment Road and Union Street.

Work to install the new terminals is under way and the system will start to be rolled out from the end of February, with all terminals expected to be live by April.

They are being installed at Alexandra Road, Plymstock Broadway, Church Street, Deans Cross, Devils Point, Haye Road South, Marlborough Street, Morice Street, Mudge Way North, Plympton Ridgeway and West Park car parks.

Signs will placed in each car park to let drivers know when the terminals are due be activated and we will be writing to nearby businesses to let them know what is happening and when.

Parking officers will also be on hand when the system goes live in each car park to help explain the new arrangements.

The decision to introduce the new system was made at the Cabinet meeting on 10 November, as part of a range of changes to modernise and simplify parking arrangements in the city. This followed public consultation from 19 August to 10 September.