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Armada Way scheme is long overdue, says city centre businesses

Businesses in the city centre have come out in support of the proposed new scheme to redevelop Armada Way, saying it will transform the city centre.  

Over recent years Armada Way has seen a serious decline in footfall, with many empty shop units. It has features that are in dire need of repair and haven’t been updated since the 80s. There are areas that are unusable or inaccessible, with growing concerns over public safety, which have resulted in virtually no night-time economy.    

The area is dated, run-down and in serious need of investment.    

This proposed new scheme aims to bring life back to the city centre, through the inclusion of a huge new play village, pop-up spaces for markets and stalls, dedicated space for possible performances and improved safety measures, encouraging more people to dwell in and use the city centre, both during the day and at night.    

Local business owners have come out in support of the scheme, Caroline Sardu, owner of Baby Roo, said: “The whole of the city centre looks dated, especially Armada Way. When people arrive to the city it is the main foot way from the station. But it looks tired and dated. This investment can’t come soon enough.  

“Having a new play area is really exciting. The great big ship will bring footfall. It will be a new big family village hub.” 

Steve Hughes, Chief Executive of the Plymouth City Centre Company, said:  

“The scheme for Armada Way is absolutely amazing. We need to do something different to attract people back into the city centre. It isn’t all about shopping. It has to be about creating a good experience. So, people can come, they can shop – but they can also eat and drink. This scheme is long overdue.” 

Tudor Evans, Leader of Plymouth City Council, added: “We know that city centres across the country are struggling.  

“We want to transform Armada Way so it is a leading city centre across the country. We are proposing an ambitious design that will turn Armada Way into a thriving destination that people will be proud to live in, work and visit.  

“Improving public spaces in the city centre will enable us offer a world-class welcome to our visitors, inspire investors and developers and will also support the economic recovery for local businesses.” 

For more information or to complete the survey. The deadline for submissions is 28 November 2023.