There were a couple of stories in the national press this weekend about confusion around recycling in some parts of the country.

This is not the case in Plymouth, where we have one of the simplest recycling systems around – one bin for all types of glass bottles/jars, cans, hard plastic, cardboard and paper.

The recycling that we collect DOES NOT go to landfill.

In response to media stories about potential use of the drug 'Flakka' in Plymouth following the tragic death of a young woman, Ruth Harrell, Director of Public Health in Plymouth, said: “Almost all UK drug deaths are, like this case, attributed to ‘poly-drug’ use, where drugs that are commonly kn

An article published by Plymouth Live on Tuesday 23 January shows pictures of potholes that are outside of the Council's control. Despite this, the article continues to place the responsibility at our door. 

We were quite surprised to see so much space devoted to a story in the Herald about calls for a rogue taxi crackdown without bothering to ask the council, which is responsible for licensing, if there is a problem.