Sign up for garden waste collections

It may be the first week in January, but here at the Council, we’re already thinking about the glorious spring.

This year, we’re asking residents to sign up if they want to benefit from garden waste collections between April and October.

Collections will still be free and fortnightly and all the usual trimmings, clippings and twigs we currently collect will still be picked up. We just need you to sign up to tell us that you still want us to come and get it.

We’re doing this because we know that last year, less than half of you used the service. Despite this, we still had to go to every street, every house and make sure that people hadn’t left something out, just in case.

But when the registration process is complete, we’ll be able to be much more efficient, saving time, money and crucially, carbon emissions. It will help to create a much better service for residents.

Signing up is simple. Just visit the garden waste portal, fill in the form and you’re all done.

Don’t put it off, though. If you want to have a collection in the first week of April then you’ll need to have signed up by the end of February.