COVID-19: Council Tax discounts for those on low incomes

If you are working age and on Council Tax Support you will get £150 discount off your Council Tax bill for 2020/21.

The Council has been working flat out to ensure those most economically vulnerable will get as much as help as possible during the COVID-19 crisis.

The Government set aside £500 million for a hardship fund to help support those already on a low income as well as those whose earnings have dropped as a result of emergency measures now in place. 

Councillor Chris Penberthy, Cabinet Member for Housing and Co-operative Development said:  “This is for people who are already really struggling, who are already on a low wage or who have seen their income drop and we estimate this measure will help almost 12,000 residents.

“Anyone - those who are on zero contracts or those who are no longer getting paid - can apply for Council Tax Support.”

Those already on Council Tax Support will automatically get £150 off their bill and do not need to do anything differently.  The Council Tax bills for 2020/21 will be reissued to reflect the new discount in April.

The same discount will be applied to any new Council Tax Support customer over the coming months whilst funds are still available.  So if you are struggling financially - for whatever reason - you can apply for Council Tax Support on our website.

Councillor Mark Lowry, Cabinet Member for Finance added: “We will do all we can to help those in dire straits. We have taken hundreds of calls a day about people really worried about this.

“But are also asking everyone to keep paying their Council Tax bills. We need the funds to run services and run the city, to look after our vulnerable, not just in a crisis, but every day of the year.”

The Council is waiting further guidance about support for the self-employed.

Council Tax Support is a means tested scheme for people on low incomes to help them pay their council tax. 

There are a number of ways the Council can help those who are struggling with their bills. For more options visit our Council Tax Support page.