Council car parks to be free

Council car parks will be free to use as part of the Council’s bid to rally round and support the emergency services, the NHS, care workers and key workers who are keeping our city’s residents safe.


Parking charges will be suspended in Council car parks but the focus will be on making sure those providing essential services are safe, which is why we will continue to enforce yellow lines, footway parking, disabled parking bays, business bays and doctors/emergency bays.


Restrictions within residential permit areas will remain as these schemes were set up, to help local people park near their homes, particularly in areas close to the city centre and to large employers.


We are asking that people continue to observe restrictions as it will help keep entrances and roads clear for emergency services and carers who need to visit the vulnerable.


Councillor Mark Coker, Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning and Infrastructure said: “We have shifted our focus to where it is most needed, which is to support those on the front line.


“Put it simply, if you park selfishly, on double yellow lines, or cause an obstruction which could block emergency vehicles or critical support, you could get a fixed penalty notice. This about everyone doing the right thing.”


The Council is working closely with NHS partners and local businesses to help them get out into the community, such as making essential deliveries. Any business with a query about this can email 


Officers are being deployed to other areas including the CCTV centre, to work closely with the police and to support other critical functions and service delivery within the Council.