Litter mountain collected over the weekend

Over 24 tonnes of litter was collected from across the city this long weekend - despite pleas to people to take their rubbish home.

In preparation for the long Easter weekend, Plymouth City Council stepped up measures to ensure that the city was ready for an influx of people out and about, keeping popular hotspots like The Hoe, clean and safe for everyone.

Additional efforts included:

  • Dozens of additional bins were installed in high footfall areas. All were regularly emptied. This resulted in over 24 tonnes of litter being collected across the weekend, with nearly six tonnes being removed from the waterfront alone - the average daily collection from the waterfront is half a tonne
  • A small army of cleaning staff collecting rubbish that people had abandoned in public places. This included staff working from 6am each day to clean up the rubbish left on The Hoe – including Easter Sunday.
  • As well as the public toilets being open, there were 10 temporary portaloos on the Hoe and two portaloos in Vauxhall Street car park which were emptied daily and cleaned three times a day
  • Increased COVID Marshals giving out advice and guidance across the city for longer hours
  • A team of youth officers working with young people to help support on emerging issues.

Ruth Harrell, Director of Public Health for Plymouth City Council said: “We worked hard this weekend to make sure that there were more bins, loos, staff collecting litter and COVID Marshals. But it was disappointing to see that many people still felt it was ok to leave their rubbish on the grass, where they were sitting. It was very selfish.

“As the city continues to unlock over the weeks and months ahead, we will continue to play our part. But we need all residents and visitors to do their bit too. 

“Over the next few weeks, we will continue to prioritise safety and cleanliness. But our enforcement officers will be out and about across the city, targeting hot spots when we know there is an issue and working closely with the Police. It is not just for the Council to ensure that the city is clean – it is a responsibility for all residents and businesses.”