Plymouth Road update: July 2020

We're making some real progress on works to Plymouth Road in Plympton.

Here's a little list of the things you can expect to see over the next few weeks:

Larkham Lane
- Work on the traffic lights and at the pedestrian crossing near Dingle Road have now been completed. We've put in a new push button crossings and created a second exit lane for traffic turning onto Plymouth Road. We need to keep that new lane coned off just a little bit longer - until early August, when we will be putting down a final surface, lining the road and installing the last remaining traffic detector loops.

Marsh Mills
The works to install the new traffic lights for the new A38 only filter lane at Marsh Mills will start on Monday 20 July, with the new lane planned to be open for use from mid-August. This should take the pressure off the other lanes for, city and Forder Valley Interchange bound traffic. 

There is still some resurfacing and lining works for the both the inbound and outbound carriageways plus the footways to be completed but this should all be done early next month.

Woodford Avenue
Work is beginning at Woodford Avenue on Monday 20 July. We're going to need to close the left turn filter lane on Plymouth Road until late October while we install new pedestrian crossings and upgrade the traffic lights.

Cot Hill
Work is continuing at Cot Hill, where we’re putting in supports for a new retaining wall that will eventually support the extended slip lane. These works are planned to be complete by mid-August and until then the right turn and adjacent straight ahead lane will need to be closed.

Thanks, as always, for your patience.