Climate Emergency

Council gets charged up

A huge proportion of the Council's fleet of vehicles is set to be replaced with electric-powered alternatives.

Nearly £11m will be invested over the next six years in a total of 177 vehicles spanning many different departments of the organisation.

The announcement follows on from the recently announced Climate Emergency Action Plan which seeks to ensure that Plymouth is a carbon neutral city by 2030.

Of the 177 new vehicles, 54 will be 100% electric vehicles made up of cars and vans.

Council announces plans to address climate emergency

The Council has set out its plans to help save the planet.

On Monday, the city’s Cabinet and then Full Council meetings heard and agreed two plans designed to make Plymouth carbon neutral by 2030.

The new documents follow on from the declaration of a climate emergency in March 2019 when the city committed to doing everything in its power to reduce carbon emissions locally and influence climate change efforts nationally.