Cabinet member provides update on grass cutting in Plymouth

Councillor Maddi Bridgeman, Cabinet member for the Environment and Street Scene, has outlined the current position on grass cutting in Plymouth.

She said: “One of the new administration’s firm commitments is to make sure the Council gets the basics right, including keeping the streets clean and making the city look its best.

“During the weeks since I took up my new role on 21 May 2021 I’ve been concerned by the number of comments from residents about the amount of long grass around the city and some of the problems this is causing.

What's that worth to you? - Wildflower fundraiser launches

We’re joining a new national initiative which helps to fundraise for parks and green spaces.

The campaign, called ‘What’s that worth to you?’, forms part of the Future Park Accelerator project which the Council, along with ten other authorities, joined in 2019.

In Plymouth, the project will focus on creating more of the ever-popular wildflower meadows that have been so widely praised this year.

We're letting things go wild for flowers and insects

We are leaving more grass verges and boundaries across the city to grow wilder this year which will encourage more wildflowers and bees.

We were planning to trial more wild areas before COVID-19 struck to support our Climate Emergency Action Plan and help struggling insect species like bees.

With COVID-19 we’ve had to reduce our grass cutting and many people have commented on how great the wildflowers look.