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Noise advice for students


Keep music down to a reasonable volume, or use headphones to prevent disturbance to your housemates and your neighbours.

Avoid setting up speakers close to shared walls or on the floor. Remember that a room you use for living, working and socialising may be next to one your neighbours sleep in.

Turn the bass down as this travels through walls and floors and don't whack up the volume when you get back from the pub and club late at night.

Street noise

If you're coming back from the pub or club, keep the noise down. Raised voices, laughing, shouting and slamming taxi doors can wake your neighbours.


If you're planning an party, let your neighbours know your plans or even invite them! Your neighbours may be more understanding if they know your plans and can make alternative arrangements if they want to. Let them know the times they can expect some noise and apologise in advance.

Garden parties and barbecues can also cause problems so remind your guests to be considerate (especially when they're leaving at night). Put BBQs where the smoke won't annoy your neighbours and take the party inside at a reasonable time.


If you play a musical instrument, think about the times you practice and speak with your neighbours to arrange a convenient time. If you're in a band, don't practice in the house (not even your housemates will thank you!) Get in touch with the Students Union to see if they can help find a rehearsal space.

We'll investigate complaints about noise, anti-social behaviour and rubbish. We can take enforcement action and some actions may result in criminal convictions.

There may be times when you might be disturbed by neighbours while you are trying to work or revise for exams. If this is the case,  email 01752 304147.