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Ocean City Infrastructure

Ocean City Infrastructure

Accelerating infrastructure delivery, creating the right environment for growth and investment.

Unlock critical infrastructure for marine and defence sector growth

  • Continue to develop and expand the commercial offer at the Oceansgate Enterprise Zone to support marine, defence, and advanced manufacturing growth, innovation, and technological developments across the SW Peninsula, and accommodate cross-sector supply chain co-location;

  • Support the development and launch of the Plymouth and South Devon Freezone;

  • Improve the physical connectivity of the Western corridor of the city to the Waterfront, the City Centre, the Northern corridor and key transport routes to the rest of the region in order to enable the smooth movement of people and goods to and from this area of the city;

  • Encourage investment in digital connectivity in this growth area through city-wide quality connectivity of public sector sites, such as fibre gigabit-capable broadband;

  • Deliver increased capacity for Cruise ships, with improved facilities;

  • Continue to support and drive the delivery of key infrastructure that enables growth in our marine and defence industries.

Optimise the economic potential of the City Centre and Waterfront

  • Establish and reinforce the City Centre’s role as a regional centre for shopping, employment, leisure, a university centre, a strategic transport hub, and a sustainable community in its own right

  • Deliver a vibrant mix of commercial uses to diversify the City Centre and revive local high streets, to include delivering regionally significant office uses and the coordination of public sector investment as a catalyst for transformational change

  • Capitalise on developments in recent years, such as The Box and The Barcode to continue to deliver a City Centre and Waterfront regeneration programme, prioritising key strategic infrastructure to unlock economic growth

  • Develop and diversify the City Centre’s accommodation into a vibrant city centre living environment and drive forward the employment offer of the city centre as a vibrant business district

  • Rejuvenate and re-focus the City Centre’s high streets and use of commercial space to ensure resilience in face of the retail and digital revolution, as well as recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Create the conditions for knowledge-based business growth

  • Deliver new commercial and digital infrastructure to foster business innovation
  • Facilitate further high-value employment growth in Plymouth’s Medical Technologies Campus and Oceansgate
  • Support the delivery of full-fibre, gigabit-capable digital infrastructure throughout the key Growth Areas of the city

Ensure Plymouth is 'well connected'

  • Work to continually attract and encourage investment in the latest digital connectivity
  • Lobby for reduced rail journey times, electrification, track and signalling enhancements, and improved capacity, along with sub-regional partners
  • Improve the resilience of strategic road and rail routes to and within the peninsula
  • Redevelop and enhance the presence of the Railway Station to create a welcoming, 21st century arrival point into the city, which is efficiently connected to the city centre and the waterfront, and to create a mixed use business space.