Places of worship

Plymouth has a multi-faith population, with followers of the Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh and other world religions.

There are over 150 Christian churches in the city, serving many denominations including Anglican, Methodist, Catholic, Brethren, Greek Orthodox, Lutheran, Baptist, Pentecostal, Baha'i, Buddhist, Chinese, Islamic and Quaker.


The churches listed below link to either their own websites, or to sites that contain information about those churches. For contact details and locations of other Christian places of worship, please visit the Christians Together Church Directory website.



Evangelical and Pentecostal

Latter-day Saints

Methodist and United Reformist

Orthodox Greek

Roman Catholic

Salvation Army

Seventh-Day Adventist


Other faiths, religions and beliefs


Contact details for the Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'i faith:


Contact and location details for the Ashoka Buddhist Centre:

Devon Humanists

Contact details for the Devon Humanists:

  • Telephone: 01392 254274


Contact details for the Islamic Centre:

The Islamic Centre is open for anyone to pray but not available for sleeping or staying over.

The Imam is S.A.D Uddin, telephone number 01752 261519. The Chairman is Mr Syed Lutfur Rahman. Telephone 01752 228235.

The mosque is open Mondays to Fridays for prayers and the times are advertised outside the building. The mosque opens 15 minutes before prayer times and closes 15 minutes after prayers end.

On Saturdays and Sundays there are classes for children (teaching the Arabic language and giving instruction about the faith).

Contact details for PIETY:

  • Address: PIETY Centre, 19 Greenbank Avenue, St Judes, Plymouth PL4 8PS
  • Telephone: 01752 303003


Contact details for Plymouth's Synagogue:


Contact details for the Sikh Community Devon and Cornwall, offering advice and information about the Sikh religion. Members of the Sikh Faith are available as speakers for schools and organisations.

  • Meetings held at: Plymouth Centre for Faiths and Cultural Diversity (PCFCD) 3A Watts Road, Plymouth PL4 8SE
  • Contact: Mr Gurmit Singh Kang
  • Telephone: 07870 567864
  • Email: