Outland Road Junction Improvements Scheme

We're making changes to Outland Road between Torr Lane and Peverell Park Road. The changes should cut down on congestion, improving journey times for motorists, service reliability for buses and safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

What we're doing

When it's completed there will be new efficient signals on the Peverell Park Road, Weston Park Road and Torr Lane junctions, along with new and improved crossing facilities and better priority for cyclists. The right-hand lane on the inbound side of the road (just past Morrisons) will also be extended to create more space for traffic waiting to turn right into Ham Drive, stopping queues from blocking traffic heading towards the city centre at busy times of the day.

Cost of the scheme

The scheme will cost around £1.89 million – made up of £1.05 million from the Heart-of-the-South-West Local Enterprise Partnership plus funding from us.