Visitor parking permit

Resident visitor

Visitor permits allow friends, relatives and tradesmen to park their vehicle (including motorcycles) near your home.

Your zone determines the type of visitor permit available to you.

Zone Permit type Cost
Zone F, H or J

Daily visitor permit

Eligible properties can have 14 permits a fortnight. Each permit is valid for one date only.

£2 each
Zone CA to CE, X or W1 to W3

Yearly resident visitor permit

Eligible properties can have to two permits. Each permit is valid for 12 months.

£15 each
Any other zone/street

Resident visitor tickets

Eligible properties can have three books of 30 tickets a year (Jan to Dec). Each ticket is valid for one vehicle for one date only.

1st book £20 2nd book £35 3rd book £45

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Essential visitor permit

Residents who are in need of essential daily care by relatives or carers can apply for an essential visitor permit. You must be in receipt of attendance allowance or the disability living allowance care component.

A property is entitled to a maximum of one permit which is valid for 12 months.


Each permit costs £30 a year.

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Parking zone maps

Download a map of the parking zone you live in.