Workplace Cycling Challenge 2018

Plymouth businesses made every ride count in June

Plymouth’s first Workplace Cycle Challenge – ‘Every Ride Counts’ –was a great success, with 86 people, across 23 teams and 10 organisations taking part.

The challenge rewarded the number of trips made, rather than the distance cycled, in order to encourage more people out and about cycling, especially for the journey to work. Instead of car journey trips, participants took part in 2808 bike rides. Each trip averages just over 26 minutes.

The winners of this year’s challenge are:

Best Team ‘Team Ambitious But Rubbish’ (Babcock International), pictured below defying their naming and completing an impressive 304 rides over 101 hours and 36 minutes.



Bikespace Boys (below) won the best photo category.



Comments from Workplace Cycle Challenge participants:

“I have often thought about riding my bike to work but always found an excuse not to! This was just what I needed to get me to take the plunge and I have carried on cycling into work now the Plymotion event is over and intend to do so until the weather gets pants again!”

“Even though I haven’t done lots of rides, this challenge has encouraged me to take the bike and not the car and great to enjoy the sun.  It’s just such a lovely way to start the day, with a cycle in the sun!”


The press release announcing the results of the cycle challenge is available here