Classroom to Moon Challenge

Can you help Astro Mo reach the moon?

We are running a Plymouth-wide school walking challenge with the aim of, collectively, travelling to the moon by the end of October.

The Classroom to Moon Challenge will be running from 1 October to 2 November 2018. We’re kick-starting the challenge with the Classroom to Moon Relay where we will be walking to each school in Plymouth with Astro Mo, our mascot. As part of the relay we’re inviting school children to help walk between schools  to help Astro Mo begin his journey of walking to the moon.

Through the challenge we want to raise awareness of the health benefits active travel (walking/cycling/scooting) has, how walking is a great way of boosting a child’s energy levels and how it can be easy to include as part of a family’s daily routine.

We hope the challenge will be a fun and engaging way to encourage children to try active travel modes and encourage parents/carers to walk for at least part of the school journey. Schools will compete against each other to see who can collectively walk the furthest over four weeks. The school that walks the furthest will win a fantastic prize.


How to participate in The Classroom to Moon Challenge:

The competition for schools is to see which school can clock up the most time spent walking during the four week challenge period. Schools will be provided with classroom posters to tally their minutes of walking each day. Pupils can mark on their minutes walked to the classroom poster each time they walk to or from school. Schools are also encouraged to make October a month for walking trips around the school site or set up a lunch-time walking club. We will collect information on the number-of-minutes-walked weekly from your school, updating the leader board on the webpage to see which school is doing the best. This will track how far away Astro Mo is from reaching the moon. Winners will be announced in November.


How to Participate in The Classroom to Moon Relay:

The Classroom to Moon Relay will take place in the first two weeks of The Classroom to Moon Challenge. Your school will need to choose 10 pupils from the oldest year group that are taking part in The Classroom to Moon Challenge and an adult to escort your pupils off-site. On the allotted time and date provided the Plymotion School Engagement team will meet you at your school gate to set off to the next school, along with Astro Mo.  Depending on how far away your neighbouring school is, you can walk the whole way with us, or part of the journey.

As part of the relay we’re inviting you to get creative by offering a Friendship Flag to your neighbouring school. You might already work with your neighbour school, or this might be a new opportunity to explore your links; either way, we encourage you to run a competition before October for your pupils to design and make a School Friendship Flag. This can then be carried from your school to the next school and ‘planted’ as a sign of cohesion and friendship within our city schools.


Encourage your pupils to think about what should be on your school flag. This could include:

  • The school logo
  • A school motto
  • School colours
  • Images of what makes your school special
  • A space theme
  • What friendship means to your pupils

Laminate the winning A4 (or A3) design and attach to a bamboo cane or thin piece of dowling after punching holes in the flag’s sides and tying with string, or, use a staple gun to staple the flag on to a thin post.

The Classroom to Moon relay is a great way for your school pupils to add minutes to their classroom posters and  should really incentivise them to then log every minute of walking during the whole month of October. Please contact us if you’d like to be involved.


Where are we and when?

Calendar to be confirmed.


What you can win:

It’s well worth promoting the competition and giving it a good shot because first prize is a whole-day visit from Space Odyssey, the travelling planetarium. Second prize is a new ScooterPod for your school and there are many other participant prizes along the way including stickers, water bottles, keyrings and other fun things.


A short video on the challenge can be viewed here:

Classroom to Moon Challenge [Youtube 59s]



Tessa Price

School Travel Engagement Officer

T: 01752 307 928