Walking maps for schools

We are delighted to be able to offer you a free customised map of the area around your school, which includes five and ten minute walking zones marked as circles around your school. The map is designed to encourage pupils and parents to walk or cycle to school, by showing them how quick it can be to get there by travelling actively. For those who don’t live in the 5 or 10 minute walk zone and are driven to school, another aim of the map is to encourage parents and guardians to park away from the school gates and the surrounding area, but still be within a short walking distance from school.

We have trialled this map very successfully with selected Plymouth primary schools, and it’s ready to go out to everyone else now! This is what Matt Stace, deputy head at Chaddlewood Primary had to say:

“This is a fantastic resource - we will share the map with parents, who are returning to school following lockdown, to promote walking and to stop congestion outside the school gates. This will mean we can have a flow of children coming into school, making it easier to maintain social distancing. We will share with our new Foundation parents, to promote the school as a place that wants parents, who live in close proximity, to walk and not drive.”

The map can be added to the school website or printed for each pupil and folded up to an easy pocket size, and would make an ideal addition to new starter packs, as well as being promoted to existing pupils and parents.  We hope that schools and parents may find the map useful in encouraging staggered journeys by helping to navigate the neighbourhoods around the school. Older children can use it to walk or cycle independently to school from within the five and ten minute zones. The main benefit will be to encourage parking and school drop offs to spread out within the five and ten minute zones, reducing congestion around the school gates and making social distancing easier.

You can download the free Pindar walking maps for your school/ your child’s school.

Find your school map here: