At your workplace

Plymotion at Your Workplace is a free Personalised Travel Planning (PTP) service being offered by the Council as part of the Plymotion scheme to businesses based within Plymouth.

We want to help businesses to develop, grow the local economy, address the challenge of climate change and encourage people to lead healthier, more active lives by walking, cycling and using buses and trains more.

We will work with you to develop and deliver sustainable travel policies in your workplace so that your organisation:

  • Encourages your staff to travel more actively so that they can enjoy the health benefits of doing so.  Encouraging healthier, more active lifestyles can help to reduce absence rates, increase levels of morale, job satisfaction and productivity;
  • Contributes to reductions in CO2 and other emissions associated with car based work related journeys;
  • Can better manage any on-site car parking freeing capacity and potentially allowing you to reduce the number of car parking spaces or change the use of the spaces to encourage car sharing or to provide space for secure cycle parking, and;
  • Has the knowledge and tools at your disposal to deliver sustainable travel policies.

We will tailor a programme for your workplace which will include engagement sessions, so that together we can achieve changes in the travel choices made by your staff.

Why not have a look at our newsletter which sets out what is on offer for workplaces through Plymotion.

 Plymotion at Your Workplace newsletter Autumn 2017 [1.1MB]

 Plymotion at Your Workplace newsletter Autumn 2018 [1.8MB]

If you would like to join the Plymotion at Your Workplace programme either email or complete and return the form below:

 Plymotion expression of interest form [677KB]