Charlton Road/Tavistock Road Junction Safety Improvements

The junction of Charlton Road and Tavistock Road is a known accident hotspot and there have been ongoing concerns about safety there over a number of years.

We have already made some improvements as part of the Derriford Transport Scheme works, including reducing the length of the bus lane on the southbound approach to the junction to allow drivers more time to slow down and turn left into Charlton Road.

However, there is still a need to address safety concerns with the right turn into Charlton Road which will be done under new signal control, addressing safety concerns while maintaining access for the local community.

The plans include a whole junction upgrade to install traffic signals on each arm of the junction, including on the inbound side of Tavistock Road and the right turn into and left turn out of Charlton Road.

The plans also include widening the access into Charlton Road and improving the turning angle, to benefit left turners.

Walking and cycling facilities will also be improved by introducing a traffic island on Charlton Road, allowing pedestrians and cyclists to cross in two stages.

Public consultation

The results from the public consultation are now available.

  Charlton Road/Tavistock Road junction safety improvements consultation report [PDF, 4MB]

What happens next?

Works to repositioning a wall next to the footway and clearing the area that will be widened on the corner of Charlton Road in preparation for the second phase was completed in March 2021.

The full signalised junction upgrade (which was expected to get underway in the summer) has been postponed in line with national COVID-19 guidance, which advises against works on primary emergency routes for hospitals.

This second phase of works will be carried out at the earliest opportunity, as soon as it is considered acceptable to have substantial traffic management on Tavistock Road.


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