Woolwell to The George Junction

The Woolwell to The George highway scheme will increase capacity on the A386 Tavistock Road, between Woolwell Roundabout and The George Junction.

This stretch is currently single carriageway in both directions, linked by dual carriageways to the north and south. It's a pinch point on this route, causing long queues and delays, especially at peak times.

With significant growth planned for the north of the city and traffic forecast to increase along this route we need to make improvements to reduce delays, congestion and journey times.

The Derriford Transport Scheme and Forder Valley Link Road are already being progressed but problems north of Derriford Roundabout also need to be dealt with. We're looking at putting two lanes in each direction between Woolwell Roundabout and The George, as well as upgrading the roundabout.

We've already done some work to see if the scheme is possible, and funding has now been agreed to develop the design, carry out surveys and look at the benefits and impacts of the scheme.

Public Consultation

Public consultation on options for Woolwell Roundabout was held at the end of 2017. The results are now available and the consultation report can be viewed here:

 Woolwell to The George 2017 Consultation Report [PDF, 1.2MB]

Signal Junction Option

Since the consultation, further testing has been carried out on all of the design options to take into account current traffic as well as a predicted increase in traffic from new development sites.
While initial results showed that all options would deliver improvements to traffic flow, detailed testing has shown that the best performing option is the one where Woolwell Roundabout becomes a signal junction.

After considering the performance of the options and impacts on the environment as well as the feedback we received as part of the consultation, the decision has been taken to go forward with the option that removes Woolwell Roundabout and replaces it with a traffic signal junction. This will also include a new signal controlled junction where Woolwell Crescent meets Tavistock Road to provide a route for traffic wishing to travel north from Woolwell.

What happens next?

We are now working on the next stage of design to confirm the details of the scheme. There will be further public consultation on the proposals in due course.