Barbican to Laira Rail Bridge

Barbican to Laira Rail Bridge walking and cycling improvements phase 2 consultation

As part of the Eastern corridor and city centre strategic cycle network scheme of improvements for pedestrians and cyclists we are consulting on improvements for pedestrians and cyclists, including people with disabilities, along National Cycle Network route 27 (part of the South West Coast Path). The proposals, which follow on from Phase 1 works delivered in 2018, are entirely funded from the Heart-of-the-South-West Local Enterprise Partnership and developer contributions.

Proposals on Cattedown Road include:

  • Resurfacing and widening of the footway on Cattedown Road to make it suitable for pedestrians and cyclists, so that people can avoid cycling on road in an area which has a significant amount of HGV traffic
  • Replacement of damaged granite kerbs with concrete kerbs that are less susceptible to being dislodged
  • Additional double yellow lining to keep the road and footway/cycleway clear of parked vehicles, avoiding damage to the footway/cycleway and ensuring access to the area
  • Removal of a short stretch of double yellow lines on the south side of Cattedown Road opposite MAN Truck Servicing
  • The addition of marked parking areas to formalise parking
  • Removal of a rarely-used telephone box

Proposals for Neptune Park create a completely new walking and cycling link from Cattedown Road to Finnigan Road via Neptune Park and include:

  • New and widened sections of off-road walking and cycling route
  • A short stretch of double yellow lines on Finnigan Road to keep the proposed footway/cycleway free from parked vehicles
  • New LED streetlights that improve safety and security whilst saving energy

Details of the proposals are illustrated in the drawings below:

 Cattedown Road Proposals [1.57MB]

 Neptune Park and Finnigan Road Proposals [1.47MB]

There will be tactile paving added to all new crossings to help improve safety for people with visual impairments. New signage will also be added.

Public consultation

We carried out public consultation on this scheme for 3 weeks from 7 to 28 September.

Table One: Response to the entire scheme

General view of scheme


Support with amendments


No clear view expressed

Do you support the scheme as a package of measures that will encourage walking and cycling, and provide improvements for people with disabilities?

23 (58%)

9 (22%)

8 (20%)

0 (0%)


A more detailed summary is contained in the consultation report below:

 Barbican to Laira Rail Bridge Phase 2 Consultation Report [550KB]

Next Steps

If approved, it is expected that the works will start in late 2018 and be completed in the spring.