Mannamead Road Junction Improvements Scheme

The B3250 Mannamead Road is a busy route for both public and private transport with 20,000 vehicles using it daily. It is a vital part of the city’s transport network, connecting communities to the district centre at Mutley Plain, the A38 and the city centre. It also forms part of the key bus corridor linking the city centre with the north of the city. Mannamead Road is often congested, with motorists and bus services experiencing delays during peak periods. In addition to this, many of the traffic signal junctions along its length are ageing and operate poorly when compared to modern day equipment.

The Mannamead Road Junction Improvements Scheme will aim to reduce congestion along this busy route. This will result in improved journey times for motorists and the service reliability of buses. The plans will focus on the replacement of out-dated traffic signals, which are more prone to failure or malfunction, with modern more efficient equipment at junctions along Mannamead Road, from Torr Lane to Mutley Plain. In addition the scheme will also aim to improve road safety by upgrading pedestrian crossings and providing new or improved cycle facilities. The scheme also provides the opportunity to amend junction layouts or priorities if it can be demonstrated the changes will provide worthwhile benefits to road users (including cyclists and pedestrians) and the changes are affordable.


The cost of the scheme will depend on which options are taken forward but is likely to be approximately £1.5 million. £1.05 million of funding is being provided by the Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership. The relatively limited funding means it is unlikely that major changes to junction layouts e.g. that require road widening, will be delivered through this scheme.

Public Consultation

We are carrying out public consultation from the 24th November to the 22nd December 2017 and would be interested in hearing any comments or ideas that we can feed into the process.

Two public consultation events have been arranged where Council officers will be available to discuss the proposals and hear any thoughts you may have.

Date Location Time

Tuesday 28 November

Emmanuel Church Hall, Compton Avenue

10am - 1pm
Thursday 7 December

Emmanuel Church Hall, Compton Avenue

4pm - 7pm

Scheme Plans and Proposals

 Mannamead Road Junction Improvements Leaflet [PDF, 1.7MB]

 Torr Lane Junction Schematic [PDF, 271KB]

 Higher Compton Road Junction Schematic [PDF, 206KB]

 Western College Road to Hyde Park Public House Schematic [PDF, 357KB]

 Mannamead Road - Higher Compton Road and Lockington Avenue Junction [PDF, 885KB]

 Mannamead Road - Hyde Park to Western College Road [PDF, 1.3MB]

 Mannamead Road - Seymour Road Junction [PDF, 518KB]

 Mannamead Road - Thorn Park and Lower Compton Road Junction [PDF, 162KB]

 Mannamead Road - Thornhill Road Junction [PDF, 1.1MB]

 Mannamead Road - Torr Lane Junction [PDF, 524KB]

How to submit comments

You can submit comments in the following ways:

  • Complete a questionnaire at one of our events
  • Complete our online survey
  • Complete our questionnaire below and post it back to us
  • Email (put Mannamead Road in the subject line)
  • Write to: Strategic Transport Team, Plymouth City Council, Ballard House, West Hoe Road, Plymouth PL1 3BJ (with reference Mannamead Road)

 Mannamead Road Junction Improvements Questionnaire [PDF, 97KB]

The closing date for the consultation is 22 December 2017

What happens next?

Feedback received through the consultation will help inform the design and the options to be taken forward