The Plymouth Active 10 Walking Challenge

The Plymouth Active 10 Walking Challenge

Minutes Make Miles

Welcome to The Plymouth Active 10 Walking Challenge. Minutes make Miles. This was a four week walking challenge for you and your workplace.

The challenge encouraged you to join colleagues within your workplace to walk more, log your steps or distance and compete against other workplaces in Plymouth. There were incentives and prizes along the way and lots of tips and tools! Plus it was completely free and fun.

This walking challenge offered you the opportunity to increase your daily activity and challenge other workplaces in Plymouth. Throughout the 4 weeks campaign individuasls were able to record daily steps and distance travelled by walking either within your work time, daily commute or outside the workplace.

All walking within the four weeks was included! Although this was a workplace challenge, we wanted particpants to include all walking that they did within their day to day life! #minutesmakemiles

The 2018 challenge has finished. We will soon be uploading details on numbers of participants, workplaces and distances, plus lots more information about the challenge. Watch this page for further updates!

The walking challenge will be held again in September 2019.