How we keep our parks clean and safe

Report a park or playground problem

Our parks are free for everyone to enjoy and we spend a considerable amount of time keeping them clean and tidy.

Dropping litter is illegal and can be dangerous to wildlife and other park users. When you're out enjoying the parks please remember to clean up after yourself. Pick up all your litter and dispose of in the bins provided, if the bin is full, or you can't find one, please take your litter home (it takes very little effort to do this and makes a huge difference to our parks). Dumping waste (fly-tipping) onto land without a licence is also illegal.

Pick up your dog poo, put it in a bag and dispose of it in the bins provided. Bagged dog poo can now be placed into the same bin as normal waste, look out for the symbol shown below on the bin which shows you that the bin is dual purpose. All owners/walkers have responsibilities in the community and shouldn't allow their pets to foul indiscriminately.

Community Litter Picks

If you are interested in organising a community litter pick we can help with collecting the rubbish you collect as part of your efforts.

Please get in contact with us via the details below to see how we can work together to make Plymouth cleaner and greener.

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Green Flag parks

The Green Flag Award is the national standard of excellence for parks and green spaces. The scheme recognises and rewards the best green spaces in the country. It's also seen as a way of encouraging others to achieve the same high environmental standards and creates a benchmark of excellence in green spaces.

To meet the Green Flag Award standard the judges are looking for green spaces to be healthy welcoming places that are safe and secure, clean and well-maintained and sustainable. The management of the green space must involve the community, pay attention to conservation and heritage and include marketing of the site.

Awards are given on an annual basis and winners must apply each year to renew their Green Flag status.

We currently hold Green Flag Awards for:

We're working towards Green Flags for other sites too - watch this space!

The Green Pennant is awarded to high quality green spaces managed by community groups. If you want to find out more about the awards and how to apply for a Green Pennant go to the Green Flag Award website.