Allotment charges

Start up fee

There's a one-off administration fee of £50 (non-refundable).

This covers:

  • administration of waiting lists, plot offers, keys, issue and management of tenancy agreement
  • processing payment and annual invoicing
  • pre-start strim and clearance of inherited debris.


There's an annual non-refundable rent for an allotment.

The current season's fees are:

  • £76 per plot of any area up to 179m2
  • £152 per plot of any area over 179m2 up to 300m2.

Rent increases

  • From 1 September 2020 - small plot £77.50, large plot £155

A small plot is any size up to 179m2. A large plot is any size over 179m2.


Each tenant is given a key at a cost of £10 (non-refundable). Any replacement or additional keys are charged at £10 each.


Water charges are additional according to usage. Each site is metered and usage is shared equally amongst all tenants and invoiced annually in arrears.

Water is usually turned off in the beginning of November and on again in March, weather dependent.

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