Local Nature Reserves

Local Nature Reserves (LNR) are living green spaces which are important for people and support vibrant wildlife. They are important to the health of our city providing ecosystem services including sequestering carbon and natural flood management. They are places in which people can study and learn about wildlife, or to simply enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits of being in nature. All unitary, district and county councils can acquire, declare and manage Local Nature Reserves. There are now 13 Local Nature Reserves in Plymouth with 3 new reserves having been designated in 2018, bringing the total area of the city recognised as LNR to 297 hectares – which is well above the national standard of 1 hectare for every 10,000 people .

Newnham Meadows

Newnham Meadows Local Nature Reserve is a green corridor situated between the Newnham Industrial Estate and Newnham Housing estate in Plympton, Plymouth. The site is bordered by Newnham Road and the Newnham Meadow allotments site to the north, Newnham Industrial Estate to the west, Newnham housing estate to the east and Newnham Meadow Park to the south. The site sits between the communities of Chaddlewood and Colebrook in Plympton. Historically the site formed part of the Old Newnham Estate, remnant hedgerows and field boundaries provide evidence of the sites agricultural past.


View the management plan for Newnham Meadows.

Seaton and Lower Bircham Valley

Seaton & Lower Bircham Valleys are situated to the south of Derriford Hospital and to the east of Crownhill stretching down to Forder Valley Road. Importantly the site is considered to be part of the Derriford Growth area of the city and these valleys provide a critical element to ensuring that the growth of this district of the city is sustainable by providing high quality natural environment with new public access for informal and formal activity.

Seaton Valley has historically been farmed as pasture and hay meadows and within the valley there is one remaining farm – Poole Farm.


View the Seaton and Lower Bircham Valley management plan.

Kings Tamerton Woods

View the management plan for Kings Tamerton Woods.