Memorial bench

A memorial bench is a popular way to remember a loved one. We have a range of sites across the city where space to site a bench can be leased, and the best way to find out where these are is to email us (, letting us know the area you are interested in. Due to the popularity of this service some of our sites have waiting lists in place, but we will let you know if this is the case when you contact us.

Current costs for a lease agreement are £1,250 + £500 for maintenance for a five-year period. These costs include a bench, labour, materials and a plaque inscribed with your message. The costs reflect current market rates but may be subject to increase; if this is the case you will be informed before entering into any agreement with us.

The lease agreement will run for a period of five years and will be reviewed at the end of that period. If you do not wish to continue with your lease at this stage, the space will be allocated to someone else.