Derriford Community Park Masterplan

To turn the idea of a community park in the north of the city into a reality a Masterplan has been developed that identifies projects and proposals which will bring Derriford Community Park to life. The masterplan sets out the opportunities for an exciting green space destination in Derriford that will deliver benefits for the whole city.

The Masterplan has been developed using information previously produced on the park (previous studies can be viewed below), from site visits and from extensive discussions and consultations with people involved or interested in the park.

The Masterplan sets out proposals which include:

  • The one planet centre, a purpose built environmental learning and community activity centre surrounded by orchards, allotments and community gardens
  • 15 kilometres of new access routes
  • Extensive works to enhance the wildlife value of the area
  • Diverse outdoor learning facilities
  • Enhancing and interpreting historic features within the park
  • The continuation of farming in the park

 Derriford Community Park Masterplan [PDF, 10MB]

 Derriford Community Park, base map [PDF, 2.8MB]

 Derriford Community Park, feasibility study [PDF, 2.1MB]

 Derriford Community Park, delivery study [PDF, 217KB]

A series of topic papers were produced alongside the masterplanto document the evidence and rational that underpins the projects and provides more detail on the key themes:

 One planet centre [PDF, 577KB]

 Landscape access and recreation [PDF, 5.15MB]

 Biodiversity [PDF, 577KB]

 Community food growing [PDF, 484KB]

 Farming [PDF, 586KB]

 Historic landscape and archaeology [PDF, 842KB]