Planning delivery

Delivering change

Our Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan has now been adopted which will cover the period to 2034. This has replaced the Local Development Framework (LDF).

The sets out the plans for Plymouth for the next 20 years.

When these plans are adopted it's only the beginning of the story. The plans then need to be delivered on the ground, this could be by building new houses, schools or offices, making transport improvements or improving access to and protection of green spaces.

This involves a lot of planning to work out what needs to happen when, who is paying for it and who is responsible for doing it, and then dealing with any blockages that might occur. These pages provide you with information that aims to help progress development in the city.

Site planning statements

Site planning statements provide information about sites with potential development opportunities across the city.

Local Investment Plan

The Local Investment Plan identifies where some of the funding will come from to pay for essential bits of the infrastructure that will enable developments to happen. The first Plymouth Local Investment Plan concentrates on housing and regeneration and has been prepared in conjunction with the South West Regional Development Agency and the Homes and Communities Agency. The second Plymouth Local Investment Plan will cover a wider range of issues and funding streams. This is currently in preparation.

Infrastructure Delivery Plan

This will identify all the infrastructure and facilities needed to accompany the homes that will be built and the jobs that will be created over the next 15 to 20 years. It includes such things as transport facilities, green space, flood defences, health care and libraries.

Open spatial data

As part of our commitment to be accountable and transparent we've put together a range of information about how we operate, our staff and what we spend. Visit the our publication scheme page for more information.

We've also released some of our open spatial data through our open data portal the DATA Place Plymouth. Visit our open data page for more information.