Planning in your neighbourhood

This page contains useful links and information about planning applications, planning policy and the historic and the natural environment in your neighbourhood.

Planning applications
View and/or comment on valid planning applications within your neigbourhood.

Local Development Framework
The Local Development Framework is the current adopted local plan for Plymouth and is a set of documents which guide planning and development in Plymouth. These primarily being the Core Strategy and the Area Action Plans.

Sustainable Neighbourhood Assessments
As part of the development of the Local Development Framework consultation began on the Sustainable Neighbourhoods Development Plan Document where leaflets were produced for each neigbbourhood. There was also an assessment of each local area done addressing the amount and use of local services entitled Sustainable Neigbourhood Assessments.

Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan
The Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan draft policy framework which helps to determine planning applications, and takes forwards the plan for growth in Plymouth. Once adopted it will deliver a full review of the current Local Development Framework.

Neighbourhood profiles

To view neighbourhood profiles, neighbourhood meeting date information, maps, councillors, profiles and links to our partners.

Listed buildings
There are over 750 listed buildings in Plymouth, search Historic England's National Heritage List for specific information on a particular building.

Scheduled ancient monuments
Within Plymouth there are currently 37 scheduled ancient monuments.

Neighbourhood specific interests