Planning delivery in Derriford

Derriford is an area of Plymouth which is undergoing vast change. It's significant to the city's future and has been identified as a strategic growth area in the new emerging strategic plan for the city the Plymouth Plan.

Derriford is constantly changing with new and exciting planned development on the horizon. As well as a proposed new District Centre the area is also experiencing new housing developments, the creation of new public green space and improved transport links.

Below is a map showing what's happening in Derriford. All the housing applications shown are either complete, under construction or have planning permission. The transport improvements are at various stages in their development, with some still needing funding to be agreed.

 What happening in Derriford, map [PDF, 9.5MB]

What's happened

Derriford District Centre

We first set out a proposal for a new District Centre in the north of Plymouth in its Core Strategy, which was adopted in 2007; this was part of a wider vision to establish a new heart for this part of the city which is multi-functional, well-connected and benefits the local community.

We're currently awaiting planning applications for the creation of a new District Centre. Several potential developers put forward their sites during the Area Action Plan process. For more information see our Derriford District Centre page.

Seaton neighbourhood

In December 2013 an outline application for a new Seaton neighbourhood was approved which represents an important stage in the realisation of the delivery of a new Derriford. The proposal was for a residential-led mix of uses on 32.07 hectares of land which includes:

  • Up to 873 homes
  • 8,000 sq/m of business space
  • 1000 sq/m of non-residential institutions
  • 2,000 sq/m of commercial floor space
  • A new link road and bridge across Forder Valley
  • Change of use of 38.67 hectares of agricultural land to public open space

Detailed permission for the first residential phase of the Seaton Neighbourhood scheme was granted in December 2014.

Derriford Transport Scheme

Funds have been secured to deliver the Derriford Transport Scheme which aims to reduce congestion between Derriford Roundabout and William Prance Road and create more road capacity for the extra traffic that will be generated by proposed developments in the area.

Derriford Community Park

We're currently progressing our plans to create a new Derriford Community Park which will offer a generous and beautiful large scale greenspace destination in the north of the city within a fantastic landscape setting.

New primary school

The new three-form entry school St Matthew's Church of England Primary and Nursery Academy is now open.


Policy 7 of the consultation draft of Part One of the Plymouth Plan safeguards the airport site for aviation uses.