Planning delivery in Millbay and Stonehouse

In August 2007 after a lot of discussions and consultation with the local community the Millbay and Stonehouse Area Action Plan was adopted.

What's happened


Cargo and Pheonix Quay are the first two developments coming out of the ground in Millbay. Cargo is complete and is almost fully let or sold. Pheonix Quay is complete at the front and the rear of the site is under construction. In Millbay Docks, the inner basin has recently been dredged to facilitate the use of that area for marina purposes. Some revetment works are currently being carried out on the outer side of the harbour wall as well as on the rough land on the western edge of the basin.

At the same time service diversion works are being carried out to assist the up and coming development in the area, in line with the outline planning consent for the whole of Millbay which was granted in 2008. Alongside this work English Cities Fund have submitted an application for temporary planning consent for works to improve Clyde Quay to allow (subject to appropriate insurances) public access to the Quay prior to the more substantial parts of the development starting. Work is underway to review the phasing of the whole master plan area. It is anticipated that an application will be submitted towards the end of the year on one of the development parcels.

Stonehouse Arena

Approved residential scheme for 50 residential units, flats and houses. This scheme will be the first Code 5 (Code for Sustainable Homes) scheme to be built in the south west region.

Hostel for the Homeless

A new homeless hostel is currently under construction on George Place in Millbay.

Lidl Supermarket

Planning permission was granted under the market recovery initiative for a new Lidl supermarket on Union Street.

Royal William Yard

Mills Bakery is the latest building in the Royal William Yard to be successfully converted into residential and business units. Urban Splash, the developers are likely to be moving on to the New Cooperage, before tackling Melville and the Cooperage buildings. The ferry service running out of the Barbican now has a landing stage in the Yard adding to its attraction for leisure users now that a commercial lounge bar has opened in the Mills building.

North Stonehouse Homezone

Following the success of Adelaide Homezone, consultation has been taking place to look at the area around Neswick Street and King Street. This includes looking at ways of improving the quality the open spaces, parking and access.

Delivering change event

On 21 July 2010 an open invitation event was held at the Roland Levinsky Building. This event was organised to promote what has been happening in Millbay and Stonehouse and the changes which are being made. The display panels which were at the event are available below:

 Millbay and Stonehouse delivering change event display board [PDF, 6MB]