Planning delivery in North Prospect

What's happened

Wolseley Road Corridor Improvement Project

In 2013 an North Prospect Area Planning Statement was first published and consulted upon and within that document critical observations were made about the environmental quality of Wolseley Road which bounded the development area. During its consultation these concerns were endorsed by the public who expressed negative comment about the scale of the road which separated communities, the visual quality of the corridor with blackened concrete structures, poor drainage and its general unkempt appearance. As a result the statement called for a further study to be made which looked in more detail at these problems.

Later in 2013 we formed a partnership between businesses and developers which included; Plymouth Community Homes, Barratt Homes, Mi-Space, Midas Homes and South West Water, and in February of 2014 it undertook a series of design workshops with partners interested parties and the community and sought more detailed feedback through a questionnaire.

Using this information the project area was extended to include a mile long stretch of the road corridor from Milehouse Junction at Central Park in the south to the Camels Head junction at Weston Mill in the north and broadened out to capture all associated land which would assist positive change.

The partnership appointed consultants to look critically at the land that forms the setting to the road and come up with measures which would:

  1. Make more prominent key local destinations along the route
  2. Set out measures to visually enhance the corridor
  3. Play down the effect of traffic
  4. Deal with the unsightly structures such as the embankments
  5. Resolve land drainage issues
  6. Provide street trees
  7. Improve the ability of people to cross the road between communities
  8. Create opportunities to travel along it in a more sustainable way such as cycling
  9. Resolve local problems such as parking and refuse collection
  10. Make visible and accessible areas of green infrastructure and enhance these to create and improve wildlife habitats.

In Spring of 2015 a draft scheme was prepared for consultation which captured those things within the road corridor which we knew were being planned, and suggested ideas for change which would make a positive improvement within the road corridor. The work also set out a draft timescale for delivery together with associated budget costs and sources of funding.

Comments on the draft scheme were received and published in July of 2015 and are of summarised below together with our response.

 Summary of consultation responses [PDF, 58.1KB]

 Final report [PDF, 11.1MB]