The Plymouth Hour

A new relationship with volunteers

The Plymouth Hour is our own timebank and is a new way in which we can better value voluntary activity in the city and encourage it, value it and help support activity which delivers the Plymouth Plan.

We've teamed up with Timebanking South West to own and manage the project. A big part of this will be attending local community events to raise awareness of the project and the benefits both sides could gain.

What is timebanking?

Timebanking is where you spend an hour of your time volunteering and get an hour back from someone else, no money is exchanged and time is the currency.

Through the Plymouth Hour, we'll offer up services in exchange for time volunteered by local Timebanks in the city to do something for the Council.

This could be something simple as litter picking or counting traffic numbers. These hours of volunteering time are then 'banked' and we can give something back to a local community on a pre-agreed 'shopping list' of jobs that we'll carry out when enough hours have been banked.

Tell us if you're interested in becoming a part of a timebank in Plymouth or know of any events we should be attending.

If there's something you would like done in your local community and added to the 'shopping list'’ which you think could be exchanged for Plymouth Hours please email