What is neighbourhood planning?

Neighbourhood planning will allow communities (residents, employees and business), to come together through a neighbourhood forum and have a say on the practical things that will make a difference to people's lives in the future.

These plans can be very simple and concise, or go into considerable detail - it's up to you!

Neighbourhood planning could involve something as complex as a neighbourhood plan that states where new a development goes or as simple as a neighbourhood development order that grants planning permission for replacement windows and doors.

Provided a neighbourhood plan is in line with national planning policy, with planning policy for Plymouth, and with other legal requirements, local people will be able to vote on it in a referendum. If the plan is approved by a majority of those who vote, then the local authority will bring it into force.

We are required to provide technical advice and support as neighbourhoods draw up their proposals. The Government is funding sources of help and advice for communities. This will help people take advantage of the opportunity to exercise influence over decisions that make a big difference to their lives.

 Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012

Who is neighbourhood planning for?

Anyone who wants to get involved in the new planning system to help support their local area. You might be part of a community group, a business, a local councillor or an individual.

What's different about neighbourhood planning?

There has always been informal community planning – you may have been involved with informing an Area Action Plan, for example. Now people can draw up neighbourhood plans or neighbourhood development orders for their local area, and these will be part of the Local Plan. Neighbourhood plans will have proper statutory powers.