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Steptember Plymouth Workplace Walking Challenge 2020








Go the distance

The Workplace Walking Challenge, from 1 to 30 September 2020, created a great opportunity for businesses to use friendly rivalry to create healthy lifestyle habits, whether back in the office or still working from home. Over 60 incentives and prizes were given out and a lot of fun was had along the way!

What was achieved?

  • A total of 759 participants took part in the Workplace Walking Challenge (that's 189 more people than last year)
  • Teams consisted of 82 local businesses and organisations from in and around Plymouth
  • 111,637,767 steps logged altogether (over 55,081 miles)
  • 7,170kg Co2 was saved through active travel 
  • 33% of participants said they were going to use active travel to get to work in the future 

Steptember Plymouth Workplace Walking Challenge 2019






Making Every Step Count

This 2019 campaign was the second and final year of the funding period of the Plymouth Workplace Walking Challenge. The challenge took place between 2 - 30 September 2019. There have been a rise of 389 individuals registered from 258 last year to take part in this campaign and 416 individuals actively logging steps from 154 last year.

What was achieved?

  • 647 people registered and signed up to take part in the Plymouth Walking Challenge
  • 570 people actively took part in the challenge by logging steps
  • There was an 88% conversion rate from sign up to active engagement on the challenge platform
  • 75 different teams were created on the challenge platform which included 38 different businesses/organisations taking part across Plymouth (eg: NHS had 7 different departments take part across Plymouth, they count as 1 business on these figures)
  • 4671.69kg Co2 saved through active travel


The Plymouth Active 10 Walking Challenge 2018

Active 10 Walking Challenge logo

Minutes Make Miles

This was a four week walking challenge, between 1 to 30 September, encouraging people to join their work colleagues within their workplace to walk more, log their steps or distance and compete against other workplaces in Plymouth. There were incentives and prizes along the way and lots of tips and tools! Plus it was completely free and fun.

What was achieved?

  • A total of 258 individuals signed up to the challenge; with 186 signed up and 154 participants regularly participated
  • 31 workplace departments took part including from Plymouth City Council, University of Plymouth, Delt Shared Services, Colebrook (SW), Plymouth Community Homes, Beacon Medical Group, Department Works and Pensions (DWP), University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust
  • In total 11427 miles walked collectively by the participants
  • Only 18% registered as ‘Inactive’ when signing up to the challenge (In this circumstance ‘Inactive’ means doing less than 30mins of activity during doing less than 30mins of activity during the the week prior to sign up)