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Plymouth Plan Archive

The below Plymouth Plans have now been replaced by the Plymouth Plan January 2021.

Plymouth Plan Refresh 2017

It had originally been intended to publish Plymouth Plan in two parts; Part One setting out an overarching strategy for future change and growth in the city; Part Two setting out detailed policies for different areas of Plymouth and site-specific policies for the development, improvement or conservation of land in the city. However, in February 2016, Plymouth City Council agreed to work with both South Hams District Council and West Devon Borough Council on a Joint Local Plan for Plymouth and South West Devon. As a consequence, the spatial planning components of the Plymouth Plan, including what would have been Part Two of the Plymouth Plan, are now being taken forward through the Joint Local Plan.

Because of this the Plymouth Plan was refreshed and Full Council approved a first 'refresh' of the Plymouth Plan on 27 February 2017. Below is a link to the document for information only:

Plymouth Plan Part One 2015

Plymouth Plan Part One was formally approved by Full Council on 21 September 2015. Below is a link to the document for information only:

Plymouth Plan Part One

Past consultations

Plymouth Plan Climate Emergency Consultation 2020

On 18 March 2019, Members of Plymouth City Council voted unanimously to declare a 'Climate Emergency', and pledged to make Plymouth carbon neutral by 2030.

On 16 December 2019, the City Council approved Plymouth's first Climate Emergency Action Plan and resolved to 'Undertake an early review of the Plymouth Plan with city partners in order to ensure that the plan responds to the climate emergency and the commitments set out in the Climate Emergency Action Plan'.

Following a policy by policy assessment of current Plymouth Plan policies to determine their level of alignment with the climate emergency declaration the Council undertook a public consultation on a Discussion Paper between 21 September and 5pm on Friday 30 October 2020.

This provided an opportunity to suggest any changes to the Plymouth Plan in light of the climate emergency and responses were received from a number of respondents, including local residents and groups, a range of agencies and organisations, and city partnership boards.

In light of this suggested changes to the plan will be considered at Full Council on the 25 January 2021.

PDF versions of the documents are available to view below:

Before Plymouth Plan Part One was written, it went through three stages on engagement. There was also one engagement phase on Plymouth Plan Part Two before the decision was taken to write a Joint Local Plan with South Hams District Council and West Devon Borough Council.

Below is a breakdown of each stage of engagement and the documents associated with each stage.

Plymouth Plan: Conversation (up to July 2013)

The Plymouth Plan Conversation (up to July 2013) began the consultation process of the Plymouth Plan. We started by setting up a 'What's the future' pop-up shop which proved to be a fantastic event and we generated a huge amount of positive feedback. We also travelled around the city with a sofa where we invited everyone to come and have a sit on the sofa and chat about the future of Plymouth!

All the comments and suggestions collected were processed and can be viewed on our consultation portal.

Plymouth Plan: Connections (up to October 2014)

We produced 24 topic papers and eight area assessments to further inform conversation and collect further comments which were later fed into the overarching Plymouth Plan document.

To view the area assessments, topic papers and the comments which were submitted visit our consultation portal.

Plymouth Plan: Check-up (up to March 2015)

Using all the comments and evidence base collected previously, a draft Plymouth Plan policy document was produced which paints an image of what the city could look like in 2031, and sets out a course to move this city closer towards that vision. It sets out the city's strategic role as a regional city and a major economic driver for the heart of the south west. View the comments that have been submitted.

Plymouth Plan: Collect (up to January 2016)

All about the land in the city, we consulted on eight Plymouth Plan toolkits which included data about each area to help inform conversations about each part of the city. View the comments that have been submitted:

Central Toolkit

North Toolkit

North West Toolkit

Plympton Toolkit

Plymstock Toolkit

South Toolkit

South West Toolkit

West Toolkit


Part Two Summary Report