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Plymouth Resurgam Learning and Talent Development

Learning & Talent Development

A major civic approach to learning and skills development – driven by individuals, businesses and institutions, and supported by providers and civic society.

Match skills with demand

  • Identify the current and future demand for job and skills direct from employers and growth sectors, building an evidenced based, demand led approach for skills planning and skills investment;
  • Produce an annual Plymouth Skills Analysis every year to help inform skills gaps and curriculum development and help us understand demand and supply of skills across sectors;
  • Continue to engage with growth sectors and growth businesses on demand for future skills;
  • Increase the development of world class learning facilities that support and respond to the needs of our workforce and employers (IoT, University of Plymouth, Skills Academies for example);
  • Increase apprenticeships and industry qualifications, particularly in growth sectors such as health, care, marine, defence, manufacturing and construction and built environment, clean green energy to meet future demands. Including developing clear progression pathways for HE/FE;
  • Expand local provision and for traineeships, T-Levels and Kickstarts to transiton into apprenticeshps or other opportunities;
  • Encourage lifelong learning to upskill the existing workforce to improve productivty, innovation and competitive advantage for our local businesses.

Grow, keep and attract talent in Plymouth to drive productivity across our city and our region

  • Through the Employment and Skills Board STEM Board and delivery partners work alongside our education partners to highlight the jobs and careers available locally and entry routes to them;
  • Promote and attract STEM, creative and digital excellence enabling our key high-value industries to thrive and increasing Plymouth’s national and international standing;
  • Develop an Education Hub (Skills Launchpad Plymouth) to host curriculum aligned resources which showcase the depth and variety of careers and employers in the city;
  • Attract and retain more highly skilled graduates, particularly in STEM )including a graduate recruitment and retention programme to fill short to medium skills gaps, particularly in STEM sectors.

Develop the CEIAG offer so as to drive informed career decisions amongst our young people and promote local career opportunities

  • Continue to support and develop the Plymouth Careers Hub as part of the wider Heart of the South West Careers Hub;
  • Working to the Gatsby benchmarks and Careers Education Company and the Careers Hub, will provide our young people and employers with a more informed careers offer that helps them make the decision that they need for future careers and job opportunities;
  • Embed from Early Years, Primary through to Secondary School an effective schools programme that informs young people, their parents/carers and educators of the jobs that will exist when they leave their educational journey aligned to LMI. With clear progression routes for students aligned to employers future demands and an effective work readiness programme to enable young people to confidently transition into the work of work;
  • Embed Careers education, advice, information and guidance from early years through to post 16, raising aspirations and broadening horizons of Plymouth’s young people. Including an agreed coordinated citywide high foot, high profile events with impact;
  • Through the Employment and Skills Board, Careers Hub and Plymouth Challenge, we will work with schools to raise awareness and understand the opportunities that are available.

Prepare for work and addressing worklessness

  • Every primary and secondary student in the city will have a meaningful encounter with inspiring industry ambassadors at every key stage of their education;
  • Work with our local delivery partners to reduce the number of those who are NEET and not known;
  • It will also through its strategic objectives support Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance Activity the work to make this happen;
  • Through our Building Plymouth work with public sector procurement pipeline partners, adopt social value and ensure we maximise the opportunities available to get more people into work;
  • Ensure that we are integrated with our Inclusive Growth Flagship as part of this;
  • Optimise Government initiatives and programmes such as the National Retraining Scheme for local needs.