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Plymouth Together Fund: Donate now to help Keyham recovery

19 August 2021

The Wolseley Trust will be supporting communities in Keyham by overseeing the Plymouth Together Fund, helping to coordinate and distribute all the fundraising that has been raised to support the families and communities impacted by the tragedy last week.

On Thursday 12 August 2021, Maxine Davison, Stephen Washington and Kate Shepherd, were killed in Keyham, along with father and daughter Lee Martyn, and Sophie Martyn aged three.

As the community tries to rebuild and restore, the City has been touched by the outpouring of love and kindness that has been seen across the country.  

Thousands of pounds has already been donated to various charities, groups and organisations to help support the communities impacted by the tragedy and help them rebuild and restore. 

To help co-ordinate the fundraising, and ensure that funding is collected safely and distributed to those who need it, the Wolseley Trust will be the co-ordinating ‘hub’ for the collections.

The Wolseley Trust is local organisation that aim to help support community regeneration in Plymouth.

The Trust will be working with the Keyham community, including the Neighbourhood Watch group, and others, to collate all the fundraising that has been raised and place into a new ‘Plymouth Together Fund’. Working arm-in-arm with the community, they will then distribute the funding to the families of the victims and also to other local projects, groups and activities that support the recovery of the area.

Over the next few days, those interested in fundraising to help Keyham will be invited to attend a virtual meeting to discuss how they can help raise money for the new Plymouth Together Fund. If you are interested in attending, please email:  

Kevin Sproston, Chair of Keyham Neighbourhood Watch, said:

“It has been outstanding how many people have donated money to help our community. We will work with the Wolseley Trust to make sure that all the money donated goes directly to the local community impacted by this tragedy and to the families.

“Thank you to everyone in Plymouth and beyond that have shown that despite the dark days that lie ahead, we have support from so many people.”

Councillor Nick Kelly, Leader of Plymouth City Council, added:

“Residents of Plymouth, and indeed the whole country, have responded to this tragedy with such kindness, generosity and solidarity over the past few days. It has been overwhelming.

“We have had lots of people asking about where they can donate money to help both the families of those impacted, but also to support the wider recovery effort.

“It is important that all money donated goes to those who need it. We need to make sure that every penny counts. Unfortunately there are unscrupulous people around that try to capitalise on tragedies like this. Therefore, I welcome the news that the Wolseley Trust have come forward to help be the ‘hub’ for all fundraising efforts.

“Together, they will work with the Keyham community to make sure that all funds raised go to where they are most needed.”

Sarah Taylor, Chief Executive from The Wolseley Trust, said:

“We are proud to be supporting the Plymouth Together Fund and we will work closely with the local community to ensure that the money goes where it is most needed.

“The most important thing to us is that people know where they can donate safely, have the reassurance that 100% of the money will go to the local area, and that the Keyham community will be taking the lead in deciding where they need that funding to go. I am pleased that The Wolseley Trust is able to facilitate that on their behalf.”

If you would like to donate to the official Plymouth Together fund – please go to: