Plymouth Supplier Directory (B2B)

  • February 2021 – Welcome to the new Plymouth Supplier Directory. Businesses let’s all support our local economy by buying and selling local today!

  • Plymouth City Council publishes a brand new ‘Buy Local’ guide to help Officers keep the pounds in Plymouth wherever possible and maximise the benefits of Council spending for the City's economy, community and environment.

  • Find out how to do business with the University of Plymouth today, visit our Partner page!

Welcome to the Plymouth Supplier Directory – The one stop shop for finding local suppliers for goods, services or works for your businesses needs.

A Directory by Plymouth business for Plymouth business. Why go anywhere else when you can stay local? Plymouth has a wealth of skill, expertise and untapped talent just waiting to be discovered and is just one short search away!

Keeping the pounds in Plymouth and maximising the benefits of our spending for the City's economy, community and environment has never been so important and it all starts by engaging with our local supply chain through the Plymouth Supplier Directory.

The Directory has been borne out of Resurgam, Plymouth's COVID-19 economic recovery plan, an initiative of the Plymouth Growth Board, and supports the political commitment to 'Spend 4 Plymouth'. It has been created by Plymouth City Council in collaboration with organisations from across the City including the Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Small Business, Plymouth Social Enterprise Network and Building Plymouth.

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