About and background


The purpose of this platform is to bring local buyers and suppliers together to increase the opportunity for spend to be kept locally for the benefit of Plymouth and it's residents.

It is an inclusive, free of charge business to business platform enabling any buyer to search the directory and any local supplier to apply to register and advertise their expertise*.

Buyers who have shown they are Committed to a fairer, greener future for Plymouth by signing the Resurgam Charter can also become a Partner to the site and have a Partner page.


The Directory aims to be:

  • A sourcing tool for buyers to identify suppliers to invite to procurement activity
  • An advertisement tool for suppliers to advertise their capabilities and capacity to buyers
  • An opportunity for suppliers to make connections both to support each other and form potential partnerships
  • An opportunity for directory partners to explain how they do business such as links to procurement platforms and advertised opportunities
  • A market intelligence tool to identify gaps in the local market for subsequent stimulation

This platform has been created by Plymouth City Council in co-design and collaboration with the following Partners:

  • Plymouth City Council
  • Plymouth Chamber of Commerce
  • Plymouth Social Enterprise Network
  • Federation of Small Businesses
  • Building Plymouth

Plymouth City Council wishes to thank the above Partners for their active engagement in this initiative and promoting local spend.

* Definition of 'local is PL postcode, suppliers outside of this are should visit the 'Contact Us' page to see how they can engage with the Directory.



In May 2020 Council Leader Tudor Evans announced Plymouth City Council's plans to lead the city's economic recovery programme out of the COVID-19 lockdown. This plan is called Resurgam and it aims to reduce the impact of Covid-19 and to deliver a more equal, sustainable and prosperous city post Covid-19.

Overseen by the strategic economic partnership of the Plymouth Growth Board, Resurgam contains 6 key pillars, one of which is called Spend 4 Plymouth and explores how Procurement and Commissioning can play its part in the economic recovery and regeneration of the City. 

The focus of Spend 4 Plymouth is to keep the pounds in Plymouth wherever possible by maximising opportunities for local suppliers and also generate wider benefits through spending for the City's economy, society and environment (Social Value).

The Spend 4 Plymouth team identified that a clear barrier to keeping spend in the City is a lack of visibility of what the local supply market actually has to offer in terms of the range and depth of skills and expertise and also the number of suppliers available. It was quickly identified that there was no single, simple location where this information was held and the concept of Plymouth Supplier Directory was born. 

In order to balance the need to address the economic crisis quickly with the desire for a platform which will be used long into the future, the project was split into 2 phases:

Phase 1 - A temporary rapid response platform which enables buyers and suppliers to make those all-important connections but has some limited functionality and is to be used as a test system to obtain buyer and supplier feedback.

Phase 2 - A long term, permanent platform which enables buyers and suppliers to make those all-important connections but has all desired functionality, meeting the needs of both buyers and suppliers.

This platform forms Phase 1 - temporary rapid response platform and Plymouth City Council and its Partners welcome any feedback you might have. Please visit the 'Contact Us' section to find out how to get in touch.