Some of the main Plymouth geographies for which JSNA data are often presented are explained in the following document.

 Plymouth neighbourhoods and the modified localities (2012) [3MB]

Plymouth maps

Click on the link for a map of the Plymouth geography you require:

 Children's centre catchment areas [JPEG, 2.5MB]

 Children's centre catchment area clusters [JPEG, 2.1MB]

 Electoral wards [JPEG, 2.2MB]

 Livewell Southwest localities [JPEG, 2.2MB]

 Lower super output areas (LSOAs) [JPEG, 2.5MB]

 Neighbourhoods [JPEG, 2.3KB]

 Plymouth city boundary [JPEG, 2.2MB]

 Postcode district [JPEG, 2.0MB]

 Postcode sector [JPEG,2.3MB]


Combinations of geographies:

 Electoral wards and Livewell Southwest localities [JPEG, 2.2MB]

 Neighbourhoods and Livewell Southwest localities [JPEG, 2.3MB]

 Neighbourhourhoods and electoral wards [JPEG, 2.6MB]


Other maps

Click on the link for maps of the wider health geography you require:

 Northern, Eastern, and Western (NEW) Devon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) [JPEG, 1.2MB]

 NEW Devon CCG: Eastern locality [JPEG, 1.2MB]

 NEW Devon CCG: Northern locality [JPEG, 1.2MB]

 NEW Devon CCG: Western locality [JPEG, 1.2MB]

 South Devon and Torbay CCG [JPEG, 1.2MB]

 Wider Devon Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) footprint [JPEG, 1.2MB]