Evidence bank

Thrive Plymouth is about creating the environment where the healthy choice is the easy choice. In order to do this we rely on evidence of what has worked, or what is recommended by national organisations including NICE, Sport England, Department of Health. Below is a list of links to the documents we have used to create the key messages of Thrive Plymouth.


 Alcohol Strategic Plan 2014 [PDF, 973KB]

 Living well for longer - alcohol [PDF, 36KB]

 NICE guidance standard - alcohol [PDF,163KB]

 UK Chief Medical Officers’ low risk drinking guidelines [PDF, 324KB]


 Everyone Active Everyday [PDF, 1MB]

 NICE guidance standard - activity [PDF, 198KB]

 Living well for longer - activity [PDF, 50KB]

 Let’s Get Moving NHS commissioning guidance [PDF, 931KB]


 Planning healthy, weight environments [PDF, 5MB]

 Future of food [PDF, 1MB]

 Public Health England eatwell guide [PDF, 10MB]


 Healthy lives healthy people - tobacco plan for Plymouth [PDF, 713KB]

 Healthy lives healthy people - tobacco plan for Plymouth (highlighted for children) [PDF, 729KB]

 Healthy lives healthy people tobacco plan for England [PDF, 518KB]

 Healthy lives healthy people - tobacco plan for England (highlighted for children) [PDF, 576KB]

 Living well for longer - smoking [PDF, 49KB]

 NICE guidance - smoking [PDF, 265KB]