Food safety

Food Safety Advice

If you have a simple query about food safety you can contact us using the Food safety query button below. If you wish to report a problem with food or have a food poisoning complaint please use the links in the related content box. 

Food safety query

Business Support

If you need an advisory visit or some coaching on food safety to help your food business meets its regulatory requirements, we can arrange for a 'video call type visit using one of a number of available platforms. Use the Food safety query form above to ask for further details. We will be offering these new services here soon.

Safer Food Better Business (SFBB)

All food business must have a food safety management system, this can differ depending on what types of food you handle. The most widely used toolkit for caterers and retailers is the Food Standards Agency SFBB pack. These can be downloaded from the Food Standards Agency website, however we can supply printed versions of the pack, including the 12 month diary, allergen matrices and signage for £26.  You can also order 12 month diary refills at £12 each.

Buy your SFBB or diary refill