Remembering the Duke of Edinburgh in Plymouth

Prince Philip had an incredibly strong connection to Plymouth, having been appointed Lord High Steward on 18 March 1960. 

The position of Lord High Steward goes back to 1491 and since 1762 has always been a member of the Royal Family, beginning with Prince Edward Augustus, Duke of York. 

Four Princes of Wales have held the office, resigning when they became George IV, Edward VII, George V and Edward VIII. There have also been two royal dukes, the Duke of York and the Duke of Sussex and Prince Albert the Prince Consort. 

Originally a position with legal responsibilities, in modern times it has become a ceremonial role with the holder having a right to the ‘Wand’ of the Lord High Steward (which is on display at the Council House) and the Duke of Edinburgh was anecdotally known to request the wand whenever he visited Plymouth.