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Plymouth Wildflowers

Clearly this year is an exceptional year and due to the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic the Council took the decision to reduce grass cutting to all but essential areas until June. As well as meaning that we had staff to deliver more essential services it has allowed us to understand more closely the benefits for reducing mowing across the city for people and wildlife.

We restarted an adapted grass cutting schedule at the end of June and this programme will see most areas cut as before but we’re still going to leave a bit for nature; places like steep banks, or verges that are more use to insects and wildlife than they are to people. Because of this some areas will look different to what you may be used to.

We cut grass on a four weekly schedule, on estates and in parks, so if we've not got round to your area yet, you can expect us by the end of the month. We will then be continuing this schedule and towards the end of the growing season we will be completing a full cut of the city to make sure that sites are in good condition for the following year.

Our teams are still a little depleted, with some staff still shielding and others helping other, more urgent services, but rest assured we're doing our best to get round the whole city as quickly as we can.

Of course, if you want to tell us about the benefits you have seen, think there is a serious problem or you'd like to ask a question, you can do so using the link below:

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Report a grass cutting issue