Report an obstruction

Report problems with roadworks or an obstruction on the road or pavement. 

Problems with roadworks

Report problems with roadworks: 

  • Equipment such as barriers, road closure signs, cones or other equipment that:
    • are obstructing the road or pavement
    • have fallen over in bad weather
  • unauthorised roadworks/works without a permit
  • works carried out in unsocial hours (noise)

Report a problem with roadworks   


Problem with a skip

Report skips that:

  • are causing an obstruction (including covering road markings)
  • are poorly positioned (causing access or safety issues for road or pavement users)
  • you think are unauthorised or illegal
  • are not lit up at night

Report a problem with a skip


Problem with tables and chairs

Report tables and chairs from cafes and restaurants that:

  • are causing an access or safety issue
  • are positioned outside the boundaries of the premises

Premises must have a permit on display in easy view. This states how many tables and chairs are allowed. You can also report businesses that have tables and chairs on the road, but no permit on display. Find out more about permits for tables and chairs.  

Report a problem with tables and chairs


Boats, caravans and trailers not attached to a vehicle

Report  boats, caravan and trailers that have been left on the road not attached to a vehicle.

Report boats, caravans and trailers with no vehicle attached