Report overgrown vegetation

If vegetation is obstructing a road or pavement, let us know and we will investigate.  

We will take action if: 

  • the vegetation is blocking the way of pedestrians or cyclists forcing them off the pavement or cycle lane  
  • vertical clearance above the pavement is reduced to less than 2.1m (2.5m on a cycle lane) 
  • the vegetation is overhanging in sight lines at bends, junctions, laybys or crossings, forcing vehicles, cyclists or pedestrians away from the kerb by more than 1 metre 
  • vehicles have to cross the centreline marking or cyclists have to cross cycle lane boundaries  

Report overgrown vegetation

Vegetation in a Park  

If the overgrown vegetation is in a park use the Report a park pathway problem form   

Overgrown grass 

If you want to report overgrown grass use the Report a grass cutting issue form

Leaves on the road  

If you want to report leaves on the road use the Report a street cleaning issue form

Japanese Knotweed  

If the problem is with Japanese Knotweed, find out how to report Japanese Knotweed 


If the problem is with trees use the Report a tree problem form